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Automotive and mining jacks since 1967

YAK Series

The YAK line is a complete range of automotive jacks and includes air-hydraulic jacks for cars, heavy vehicles, construction and agriculture vehicles, up to 80 t. It is comprised of many models, suitable for both workshops and servicing.

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Air hydraulic Mammut jacks are engineered and manufactured to offer to all customers a solution that is safe and easy to use. They offer: Extreme lightness, compactness and ease of movement; remote control for safety operations; folding handle; a wide range of models and capacities from 60 t to 200 t; pneumatic tyres for easy operation on any surface.

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Cattini Oleopneumatica is an Italian producer of air-hydraulic jacks that is leading the market in lifting equipment for the automotive, aviation, GSE, and mining sectors.

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How a Cattini Air-Hydraulic Jack is made

Cattini Oleopneumatica is specialized in the production of air hydraulic jacks, pneumatic jacks, pit jacks and high tonnage mining jacks, providing a full range for any means of transportation and industries. Cattini Oleopneumatica has been producing jacks for over 40 years, with constant quality and technological development.